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YMKC yorck multimodal knowledge center - Felix Schwarz / Jacob Thiry - Masterthesis Architektur - Technische Universität Berlin

YMKC Yorck multimodales Wissenszentrum.

YMKC Yorck multimodal knowledge center. Our experience of knowledge is in big changes. From a pure storage function, the library became a tool of knowledge and communication. the library of tomorrow will be a knowledge filter and a creation place. Libraries and librarians will be a warranty of high quality information.

The Yorckbridge are working like a fence, between Schöneberg and Kreuzberg. Actually there are just a few peoples crossing the whole street. The north side is the most used due to the high density of opened transports. The entries to the park will reconnect the peaceful park and the dense street and dynamics the actually unfriendly passage. YMKC is working like a node in the intersection of totally variety of streams. Central, the YMKC doesn't deal with the past. A signal for one of the biggest parks in Berlin. A signal for the visibility of knowledge access in Berlin. YMKC is a juxtaposition of three elements. The shell contains all the techniques, the box concentrate the knowledge and the main space, constitution of free space and terraces, is teeming of life. Each function has it own "microcosm". Each microcosm is a space and a sensation.

We want a compact, dense and central library. The path between one book and the other should be as short as possible. From the dense book core, at each moment you can reach a reading terrace. Each terrace proposes a different experience of reading. The availability of books has a degradation intensity. From the magazine shelves in the cafe to the non public storage, you go through a children library, the main library, reading areas, a media library, working areas, a restricted access storage area. Creation will take place in workshops, theatres and long time artist residences.

Passing the street, YMKC is above you, static, dense, monolithic. Arriving park side, you are attracted by pure material. The first sensation is this rough surface, beaten by the rain and the wind, changing his face trough the season. The inner space is minimalist and the light bring a sensation of cathedral. Going up you discover the live on each place, the building like an anthill. Navigating through the ambiances to taste each space qualities, discovering new spaces, sensations will surprise at any moment. YMKC is like a rock above a valley, a precariously static equilibrium. No "connection" to the ground, overdraw and cantilever the street and the park entries. You can feel the tension at the crossing of box and ground. The microcosms are anchored like birds nest.

Author Felix Schwarz, Jacob Thiry - diploma thesis - year of publication 2010                                                    >> YMKC presentation PDF = 32,4mb <<     >> YMKC at ADIP Magazine PDF = 24,2mb <<

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